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About Us

Indonesia as a tropical country, was awarded the fertile soil that has a wealth of diverse flora. Among this diversity there are types - the kind that has a good potential for natural properties of beauty and health.

With this potential, and armed with herb heritage and supported by sophisticated technology, Bali Alus intented for processing and dispensing a variety of nutritious herb plants into a product ready for a series of natural care products. Such as hair care, facial care, body care, foot care and aromatherapy by using virgin coconut oil (VCO) as base ingredients.

In addition to marketing in the country, Bali Alus has been exporting its products to foreign countries such as Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and some countries in Europe. Already meet the standard way of making a good cosmetic (GMP), has notification, legal to makloon or rebranding and have met the ISO 9001 standard.

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